White Dragon Judo Club is the Saint Louis area’s fastest growing Judo club. We offer classes to students of all levels, children and adults alike. Please take a look around our website to see what’s new with us, and learn a little about the wonderful sport of Judo. Thanks for stopping by!

Our Mission

White Dragon Judo Club is committed to providing the Saint Louis area with instruction in Kodokan Judo. It is our goal to attract and develop high quality judoka (Judo players). Keeping in mind that Judo is an art concerned with improving ones physical fitness and above all the character of the judoka. We encourage diversity so our club is a rich cultural experience as well as a ton of fun.

Promotion Night May 11, 2016

It was a big night for one heavyweight judoka. With 7th dan Randy Pierce presiding, Bryan Enlow wasBryan Enlow promoted to shodan, 1st degree black belt. This was a crowning achievement for Bryan. The former youth pastor and army veteran has been in judo since he was a teenager. Judo has help shape him as a person. His contribution to judo are beginning to pile up. Bryan Enlow is one of the junior instructors at the dojo. He has contributed to the junior judoka program’s success. Bryan has also develop as a referee. This is often a hard transition for a shia competitor like Bryan but he has made it look easy. White Dragon Judo Club would like to congratulate Bryan Enlow and wish him continued success in the martial art of Judo.

AnnMaria De Mars Judo Clinic 2016

Members of White Dragon Judo Club were in attendance at the AnnMaria De Mars Judo Clinic onAnn De Mars Judo Clinic May 7, 2016. The seminar took place at the Tulsa Judo Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma. AnnMaria De Mars is the 1984 World Judo Champion at 56 kilograms. The matriarch of juji gatame is also the mother of 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Ronda Rousey. The seminar revolved around De Mars’s mastery of kansetsu waza (joint lock techniques). Sensei De Mars went over the basic concepts of the armlock. She then demonstrated modification and advanced versions of the technique. Judokas from all over the Midwest region were able to learn and practice with a World Champion.

Promotion Night May 2, 2016

Promotion Night May 2, 2016May is the month of graduation for many high schools and colleges. White Dragon Judo Club hosted its first promotion night of the month on May 2, 2016. The event featured the graduation of Byron Helmrich to the rank of Ikkyu. The legendary Randy Pierce presided over the examination. Helmrich executed a near flawless examination on his way to a unanimous decision for promotion. Byron is a role model of dedication and commitment. The New Jersey native worked hard the past couple of years and it paid off. Byron competed in kata and placed third in his division at the 2016 USA Judo Senior National Championships. The sky is the limit for this young man with unlimited potential.

32nd Annual North South Judo Tournament 2016

The 32nd annual North South Judo Tournament took place at the Family Sportplex in Belleville, Illinois on Saturday, May 18, 2016. The event was well 2016 North South Judo Tournamentofficiated by Sensei Derek Wellman and Randy Pierce. Bryan Enlow made his coaching debut joining Dan Raney as the coaches for Team White Dragon. In the team competition, junior Cameron Duffield was the only judoka on Team South representing the White Dragon Judo label. Cameron won his match but the South lost the team match. The North retain the rights to the North South trophy. In the junior category, Cameron Duffield continued his winning ways pinning his opponents to win gold. Reisin Riley was up to the challenge in a talented bracket. She won her second consecutive North South silver medal going 3-1 on the day. Issac Valdez de Soto rebounded after a slow start to win bronze in his division. Veronica Booker was one of two juniors to make their Team White Dragon debut. Booker fought a tough gold medal match and got silver. Manare Fajor was the MVP of the tournament. He displayed flawless technique winning all of his matches by ippon. He went undefeated on the day to take the gold home. In the senior division, Phillip Vojta showed significant improvement in a tough bracket. He went 3-1 on the day with a silver medal for his efforts. His teammate Byron Helrich performed even better. With his family in attendance, Byron executed a splendid seotoshi (shoulder drop) for ippon in the gold medal match. The Rolla, Missouri native has proven to be a worthy opponent. Jay Baker fought exceptionally well but was unable to pull out a medal in this tournament. In the veterans category, Bryan Enlow returned to the mat after a 10 year hiatus. Bryan outlasted his opponents to take a silver medal. Demonn Smith endured a tough day on the mat getting the bronze in the super heavyweight weight class.

Tennessee State Judo Championships 2016

Tennessee State Judo Championships 2016The 2016 Tennessee State Judo Championships took place at the Harding Academy Gym in Memphis Tennessee on April 23, 2016. The tournament was well officiated with 3 referees (Randy Pierce, Bryan Enlow, Derick Wellman) representing White Dragon Judo Club. Team White Dragon had two representatives, Demonn Smith and Jay Baker, competing in this tournament. The brackets were stacked with judo talent from across the midwest region. Both judokas fought very well but were unable to medal at this contest.

2016 USA Judo Senior National Championships

2016 USA Judo Senior Nationals 3The 2016 USA Judo Senior National Championships got underway at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas on April 9, 2016. This year was a breakout year for Team White Dragon. Thirteen members represented the judo club. Randy Pierce made his coaching debut after a legendary competition stint. Coaching Team White Dragon was head coach Derick Wellman, Eugene Hamilton, Bryan Enlow, and Andrew Lazarz. Byron Helmrich had an extraordinary USA Judo National debut. He teamed up with Amber Jones in the kata competition. The 19 year old showed great promise and poise as the team placed 6th. It was in the shiai category where Helmrich made his biggest splash. The 66kilo brown belt took bronze in a talented division. Jay Baker got off to a good start in his first match but fell short of the medal stand this year. Newcomer Phillip Vojta had an breakout debut in the brown belt 73kg category. The young judoka took gold with an excellent ippon with less than 30 seconds left in his championship match. The reigning 81kg visually impaired national champion Adnan Gutic had his work cut out for him as he moved up to 90kg and faced the reigning national champion in that weight class. In this champion vs champion clash, Gutic made2016 USA Judo Senior Nationals 2 some good attacks and showed excellent mat defense but his opponent showed good poise and better technique. Gutic lost by yuko and took silver. Anna Feygina got off to a slow start in her first couple of matches but ended the day with two thunderous ippons on her way to a gold medal in the veterans women division. Blair Watts made his return to the US national circuit with a bronze medal finish. Demonn Smith rounded out the team with bronze medal in the men veterans heavyweight division.

Farewell to the Batman March 28, 2016

White Dragon Judo Practice 03282016March 28, 2016 judo practice was the last practice session for Bat Unur Erdenebayer at White Dragon Judo Club. The sankyu recently received his masters degree and accepted a job in Peoria, Illinois. The Batman made his Team White Dragon debut at the 30th Annual North South Judo Tournament in May 2014. He showed massive potential when he won a gold medal at this event. The Mongolian native continued to impress his peers with his dedication to practice and his all out effort. White Dragon Judo Club would like to wish the Batman the best in all his endeavors. THANK YOU BATMAN.

Loras Judo Club Shia Tournament 2016

Loras College Shia Tournament 2016The Loras Judo Club Shia Tournament got underway at the Graber Center in Dubuque, Iowa on March 19, 2016. Team captain Adnan Gutic lead a crew of 4 into the club’s first appearance at this tournament. The tournament was well officiated. Derick Wellman, Randy Pierce, and Bryan Enlow were referees at this tournament. The tournament featured the rookie debut of Adam Young. The 6’4″ Saint Louis native got off to a great start by winning his first match via osaekomi. Although the rookie did not medal in this tournament, Adam showed the raw potential it takes to be a champion. “The Batman” Bat Unur Erdenebayer improved in his second tournament appearance of the year, taking silver in his category. Jay Baker made a few adjustment to his game and had a successful day. He scored a bronze medal in veteran’s middleweight division. Adnan Gutic competed in two divisions at this tournament. The master grappler has won 8 of his last 10 matches over two tournaments. He won gold in the veteran’s division and a silver medal in the senior category.

Promotion Night March 17, 2016

March Madness continued with Promotion Night on March 17, 2016. The night featured the promotion of “The Batman” Bat Unur Erdenebayer. Bat was promoted to Sankyu 3rd Promotion Night March 17, 2016degree brown belt in judo. The native Mongolian has been practicing judo for just about 4 years now. He made his White Dragon Judo Club debut at the 2014 North South Judo Tournament. He has shown his raw athletic ability and his willingness to learn. In every practice or tournament Bat would give nothing short of 110%. No doubt about it “The Batman” earned his promotion through hard work. There is no limit for this young judoka and the season is just beginning.

Midwest Championships 2016

The Leonhard Recreation Center was venue for the 2016 Midwest Championships on March 13,Midwest Judo Championships 2016 (7) 2016. The tournament was hosted by the University of Illinois (Illini) Judo Club. This tournament saw the officiating and White Dragon Judo Club debut of Bryan Enlow. Bryan makes his return to the mat after a 12 year hiatus. Derick Wellman and Randy Pierce were also among the 16 referees assigned to this tournament. Demonn Smith was the player/coach for Team White Dragon. The team was poised for a great showing in the first regional judo championship of the year. Jay Baker got off to a great start advancing to the quarterfinals in his division but later lost the momentum and failed to medal in this event. Bat Unur “The Batman” Erdenebayer competed in the lightweight division and failed to make to the medal podium. Demonn Smith took bronze in the super heavyweight division. Adnan Gutic showed great perseverance and determination going 5-1 on the day and scoring his first gold medal of the year.