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Friendship Judo Tournament: 2013 Year in Review

2013 Friendship Tournament November 16, 2013 2The last Friendship Judo Tournament took place at White Dragon Judo Club on Saturday, November 16, 2013. This year saw continue to grow and evolve. More neighboring dojos are participating in this tournament. The tournament, directed to junior judokas, helps the judo players get shiai experience while developing the dojo as a whole. Many volunteers help with this event, from being a time keeper, coach or referee. Everybody learns how to run a tournament. Most important everyone has fun. 2013 was another great year for the Friendship Tournament and everyone is talking about this event in 2014. Be sure to get your children involved in judo and be a part of this event. We will see you on the mat.

Veterans Day Judo Tournament 2013

Cohen Brothers Tournament 2013The 2013 Veterans Day Judo Tournament took place on November 9, 2013 at Twin Groves Middle School in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. The tournament was hosted by Olympian Aaron Cohen and Cohen Brothers Judo/Wrestling Club. Derick Wellman stood in as a referee at this tournament and Anna Feygina made her coaching debut as the White Dragon team coach. Anthony Darevsky dominated his division, winning it with his signature drop seoinage in the gold medal match. He ended the day at 3-0. In the senior division, Jay Baker took silver with a splendid all around performance. Anna Feygina showed off some great newaza and went undefeated in her division as she took home gold.