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Loras Judo Club Shia Tournament 2016

Loras College Shia Tournament 2016The Loras Judo Club Shia Tournament got underway at the Graber Center in Dubuque, Iowa on March 19, 2016. Team captain Adnan Gutic lead a crew of 4 into the club’s first appearance at this tournament. The tournament was well officiated. Derick Wellman, Randy Pierce, and Bryan Enlow were referees at this tournament. The tournament featured the rookie debut of Adam Young. The 6’4″ Saint Louis native got off to a great start by winning his first match via osaekomi. Although the rookie did not medal in this tournament, Adam showed the raw potential it takes to be a champion. “The Batman” Bat Unur Erdenebayer improved in his second tournament appearance of the year, taking silver in his category. Jay Baker made a few adjustment to his game and had a successful day. He scored a bronze medal in veteran’s middleweight division. Adnan Gutic competed in two divisions at this tournament. The master grappler has won 8 of his last 10 matches over two tournaments. He won gold in the veteran’s division and a silver medal in the senior category.

Promotion Night March 17, 2016

March Madness continued with Promotion Night on March 17, 2016. The night featured the promotion of “The Batman” Bat Unur Erdenebayer. Bat was promoted to Sankyu 3rd Promotion Night March 17, 2016degree brown belt in judo. The native Mongolian has been practicing judo for just about 4 years now. He made his White Dragon Judo Club debut at the 2014 North South Judo Tournament. He has shown his raw athletic ability and his willingness to learn. In every practice or tournament Bat would give nothing short of 110%. No doubt about it “The Batman” earned his promotion through hard work. There is no limit for this young judoka and the season is just beginning.

2016 Midwest Collegiate Judo Championships

The Leonhard Recreation Center was venue for the 2016 Midwest Collegiate Judo Championships on March 13,Midwest Judo Championships 2016 (7) 2016. The tournament was hosted by the University of Illinois (Illini) Judo Club. This tournament saw the officiating and White Dragon Judo Club debut of Bryan Enlow. Bryan makes his return to the mat after a 12 year hiatus. Derick Wellman and Randy Pierce were also among the 16 referees assigned to this tournament. Demonn Smith was the player/coach for Team White Dragon. The team was poised for a great showing in the first regional judo championship of the year. Jay Baker got off to a great start advancing to the quarterfinals in his division but later lost the momentum and failed to medal in this event. Bat Unur “The Batman” Erdenebayer competed in the lightweight division and failed to make to the medal podium. Demonn Smith took bronze in the super heavyweight division. Adnan Gutic showed great perseverance and determination going 5-1 on the day and scoring his first gold medal of the year.

Spring Friendship Tournament II 2016

MMA Friendship Tournament 03122016 (6)The second Friendship Tournament of the year was hosted by Missouri Martial Arts in Housing Springs, Missouri on March 12, 2016. This tournament yielded the largest competitor turnout in Friendship Tournament history. Over 70 junior and senior judo players on the mat. Team White Dragon performed extraordinarily well. There were several superstars on this team. Veronica Booker probably had the throw of the tournament. These young junior superstars are the future of White Dragon Judo Club. Don’t hesitate to get your child involve in judo. Interested? Contact us and checkout our website at

Promotion Night March 2, 2016

Promotion Night March 2, 2016White Dragon Judo Club got March madness started on the right leg with Promotion Night on Wednesday, March 2, 2016. With rank examiner Randy Pierce presiding, Eric Fink and Anthony Weeks were promoted to Nikkyu second degree brown belt. They are the second and third judokas promoted to this rank this year. Eric Fink has been in judo for six years. The Gateway Judo Tournament silver medalist worked hard every practice to make himself better on and off the mat. Anthony Weeks is a great example of a family that throws together stays together. The fighting patriarch of TEAM 3D, Anthony got into judo in order to keep up with his sons, Anthony and Ryland. He has contributed to the growth of judo as a parent, volunteer, coach and youth instructor. Eric and Anthony are just a few budding faces of White Dragon Judo Club that will be black belts one day.

Kirkwood Judo Club Open Workout 2016

Members of White Dragon Judo Club were in attendance for the Kirkwood Judo Club’s first open judoKJC Open Workout 02202016 (2) workout of year on February 20, 2016. There was a wide variety of judokas from across the midwest region also attending this workout. Newaza was the theme of this workout. Drills were conducted in order to improve the judokas ground techniques. The instructors stressed an offensive mentality in newaza. Attack even when you are on your back. Having good newaza skills is part of the equation of being an elite judo player. There will be many more open judo workouts throughout the year like this. Do you want to be a part of it? Contact us and checkout the website at

Spring Friendship Tournament 2016

Friendship Tournament February 20, 2016White Dragon Judo Club hosted the first Friendship Tournament of the year on February 20, 2016. This tournament had a record attendance. The dojo was packed with judokas and parents. Competitors came from several dojos within the state of Missouri. The matches were very competitive and the junior judokas were learning and progressing. One judoka stood out above the rest. White Dragon junior judo student Ryland Darevsky won 6 of 7 matches. Ryland showed great technique for his level winning all of his matches via pin or ippon. If your child is not involved in judo it is not too late. There is plenty of room at this all inclusive dojo. Contact us or check out the website at

Promotion Night January 27, 2016

Promotion Night January 27, 2016 (2)It was a great judo practice on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. Jay Baker was promoted to Nikyu, second degree brown belt. Jay started judo in September 2012 while attending a class at his community college. He joined White Dragon Judo Club shortly thereafter and dedicated himself to the martial art. The college sophmore has come a long way in such a short time. Jay attended many practices and judo camps. He spent countless hours polishing his technique. At first, he did not do well in tournaments but with time and practice Jay started seeing results. Jay is a prime example of perseverance, desire and dedication. White Dragon Judo Club would like to congratulate Jay Baker on his current promotion.