Monthly Archives: November 2018

Judo Demonstration September 29, 2018

White Dragon Judo Club conducted a judo demonstration during the Autumn in the Park Fall Festival at Norman Myers Park in Overland, Missouri on September 29, 2018. Led by Sempai Demonn Smith, students from the junior and adult showed off their judo skills to a curious festival audience. Sempai Demonn Smith demonstrated what typical judo practice looked like. The judo students showed their judo breakfalls and an array of judo techniques. The crowd were fascinated by the brief demonstration. JUDO touches individuals from many different backgrounds. Interested? Don’t wait! Get on the mat and start your judo journey.

2018 Konjo Dojo Judo Championships

Phillip Vojta

The 2018 Konjo Dojo Judo Championships took place at the Hillsboro Junior High School Gym in Hillboro, Missouri on September 22, 2018. The tournament was officiated by tournament director Randy Pierce and 4th Dan Derick Wellman. Coach David Burke led a small yet talented team to this event. The juniors were led by Edward Ter-Hovhannisyan, who got second in his division. BrotherĀ Mark Ter-Hovhannisyan followed up with a third place finish in his category. In the senior division, Phillip Vojta was the superstar of the tournament. Vojta went undefeated on the day, putting on a clinic of judo throws, winning every match by ippon. He took first place in his weight class and the open division.

Promotion Night September 20, 2018

Jay Baker was promoted to Ikkyu, first degree brown belt in judo on September 20, 2018. Dan Raney, Adnan Gutic, Josh Sisson, and Adam Manfredi were all presiding and approved of the promotion. Jay has been relentless and diligent at improving his judo. He has quickly climbed the mountain and his judo will only just get better. PRACTICE is the only way you will improve. Jay has also shown significant improvement in shiai (competition). White Dragon Judo Club would like to commend, encourage and congratulate Jay Baker on his recent and well deserved promotion.

Promotion Night August 30, 2018

Promotion Night featured an outstanding individual who makes it a priority to stay in shape. With Nidan Dan Raney and Anthony Daravesky presiding Joe Judge was promoted to orange belt on August 30, 2018. Joe Judge is a police officer for the O’Fallon Police Department. Joe dedicated himself to learning the concepts of judo from when he was a beginner. Although frustrating at times, the marine veteran persevered and adjusted, doing extra workouts to gain more knowledge. The hard work paid off as Joe improved in the dojo and in competition. His dedication and enthusiasm is contagious as his kids and relatives take judo lessons at the dojo as well. White Dragon Judo Club would like to commend, encourage and congratulate Joe Judge on his recent judo promotion.