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2019 Holiday Party/ 2018 Year in Review

This year’s 2019 White Dragon Holiday Party took place on Saturday, February 9, 2019. It was a nice gathering of the judo students and their families. The event once again had a great display of food and drink. 2018 was White Dragon Judo Club’s 15th year in operation. The club has seen the evolution of its training facility and its students.  Manareldeen Fajors led a new generation of judo students poised to make better versions of themselves. His athletism stood out the most in his matches. He would go undefeated on the year with two gold medals. Mark, Edward, and Isabella Ter-Hovhannisyan displayed superior judo skills far past their ages. Camron and Avery Duffield continued to show their dominance in grappling. The club’s junior program had grown significantly in size and continued to stand as one of the best junior judo programs in the Saint Louis area. The senior judo program displayed a fresh crop of talented, athletic, and poised judo players. Notably, Adnan Gutic won his 4th VI (visually impaired) national championship. Adnan is one of the most inspiring judokas in the judo club. He always challenged himself as well as his fellow judokas to be better judo players. Phillip Vojta, displayed great technical proficiency and athleticism winning gold medals in every judo tournament he competed in. Sam Coln saw the fruitions of his hard work as he will be a force to be reckoned with in 2019. Joe Judge’s work ethic was contagious as he practice consistently and even came to workouts that were off the schedule. Scored gold in his first judo tournament. 3 judokas reached the rank of Shodan. The veterans of the dojo continue to compete and set the example of what it takes to be elite in this martial art. 2019 looks very promising for White Dragon Judo Club as new judo players are emerging and learning the martial art of JUDO. The instructors, members, and staff would like to wish you a Happy and prosperous new year.

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