2013 USA Judo Senior National Championships

Team White Dragon USA Judo Nationals 2013Team White Dragon made its way to the 2013 USA Judo Senior National Championships in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The USA Judo superstars were in full attendance and Team White Dragon was more than up to the challenge. Derick Wellman was coaching his 13th USA Judo nationals under the White Dragon logo. He had the job of coaching against some top level talent. Eugene Hamilton fought well in the brown belt division but was unable to medal. Demonn Smith encountered some heavy opposition in the Masters divisions in his 3rd US Judo Nationals. It was a tough day for Smith as he failed to crack the awards podium. Anna Feygina fought an excellent nationals and placed 5th for the second successive year. Adnan Gutic was one of the superstars of the tournament. Adnan fought in the visually impaired and the brown belt divisions. Gutic displayed some awesome newaza and won most of his matches via pin. Adnan took silver in the 81kg brown belt division and gold in the 81kg visually impaired category. With a 1st place finish in 81kg visually impaired, Adnan Gutic has a chance to make the USA Paralympic team for 2016 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

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