2017 Indiana State Judo Championships

The 2017 Indiana State Judo Championships took place on April 8, 2017 at Jay County High2017 Indiana State Judo Championships (2) School in Portland, Indiana. The tournament was officiated by the legendary Randy Pierce, Derick Wellman¬†and BE Bryan Enlow. Team White Dragon was led by team captain Demonn Smith. The junior division featured the Fajors trio. Dina Fajors got off to a slow start but finished strong to take a bronze medal in her division. Big sister Saba Fajors¬†went 3-1 on the day and took silver. Manareldeen Fajors was in a tough weight class at this tournament. Manare’s talents shined to win a bronze medal. In the senior divisions, Jay Baker had a solid tournament and got a silver medal. Byron Helmrich pulled off a couple of upset victories on his way to a silver medal showing. Demonn Smith took bronze in the veteran heavyweight category. Phillip Vojta was the MVP of the tournament. Vojta had his best performance of the year winning gold in two division.

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