2018 Konjo Dojo Judo Championships

Phillip Vojta

The 2018 Konjo Dojo Judo Championships took place at the Hillsboro Junior High School Gym in Hillboro, Missouri on September 22, 2018. The tournament was officiated by tournament director Randy Pierce and 4th Dan Derick Wellman. Coach David Burke led a small yet talented team to this event. The juniors were led by Edward Ter-Hovhannisyan, who got second in his division. BrotherĀ Mark Ter-Hovhannisyan followed up with a third place finish in his category. In the senior division, Phillip Vojta was the superstar of the tournament. Vojta went undefeated on the day, putting on a clinic of judo throws, winning every match by ippon. He took first place in his weight class and the open division.

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