2018 Midwest Collegiate Judo Championships

The Savoy Recreation Center in Savoy, Illinois was the site for the 2018 Midwest Collegiate Judo Championships on February 10, 2018. Derick Wellman, Jay Baker and the legendary 7th dan Randy Pierce officiated the tournament. Bryan Enlow was the designated player/coach for Team White Dragon. In the team competition, Team White Dragon represented the state of Missouri. The 5 man squad got off to tremendous start but was eliminated in the first round. Derek Clardy made his second appearance at this tournament. He ended the day 4-2 winning silver in his weight class. Byron Helmrich had his work cut out for him in his category. Byron managed to win some critical matches on his way to a bronze medal. The veteran Demonn Smith hit a thunderous drop seoinage in his bronze medal match. He ended the day at 3-2. Phillip Vojta took the MVP honors by scoring gold in his weight class. Vojta went undefeated in a stacked middleweight category. His showing was highlighted by a beautiful osotogari to the corner.

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