Amber Jones End of the Year Open Workout 2014

Amber Jones Open Workout 2014 (3)White Dragon Judo Club ended the year on a good note by having an open workout with international judo competitor Amber Jones on December 30,2014. Accompanied by Tyler King, Amber Jones demonstrated some practical shiai competition technique that would improve anyone’s judo. Amber Jones is one of the most decorated female judokas in the state of Missouri. Jones has competed in over 10 international competition, most notably earning a silver medal in the 2012 Grand Masters World Championships. The two time US National medalist started judo in December 2000 at the University of Kansas under sensei Josh Lester. An Army reservist, Amber is the head instructor for the Missouri Rolla Judo Club. The nidan is currently ranked 7th in seniors and is the number 1 masters judoka in her weight category. The open workout was a splendid mix of judo instruction, conditioning and randori. 2014 for Team White Dragon has been a prosperous one. The members of White Dragon Judo Club would like to wish you a Happy and safe 2015.

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