Bonnie Korte Judo Clinic 2011

Bonnie Korte, multiple time Judo champion, gave a Judo clinic at White Dragon Judo Club on September 24, 2011. There was a wide turnout to see the two time British Open champion give instruction. The Saint Louis, Missouri native is well respected in the international and American Judo community.

Bonnie Korte was a judoka ahead of her time. Ms. Korte was one of the top female judokas in the world. This was at a time when female judo was not given the recognition that men’s judo was given. Bonnie Korte is an 11 time Judo national champion, 2 time British Open champion, and a Pan American gold medalist.
Ms. Korte is a tai otoshi specialist so it was only appropriate that she taught that technique. She stressed the basics and finer points of the technique. The 8th dan black belt talked about set ups, combinations, grips, movement and angles of the technique. Ms. Korte also covered the dynamics of newaza.

The clinic received good reviews from its participants. The judokas noted Ms. Korte’s ability to breakdown concepts and techniques. Others viewed first hand Korte’s passion for teaching Judo. White Dragon Judo Club is eternally grateful to Sensei Korte for her time and instruction.

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