Derick Wellman is a National Judo Referee

koji-uchida-judo-practice-05212016-2-0The Irwin Cohen Memorial Judo Tournament took place on October 15, 2016 in Chicago, IllinoisDerick Wellman assisted in the officiating of this event. Derick also passed the national judo referees test and is an official National Judo Referee. Derick’s service to judo is second to none. The 4th dan black belt has been in judo for 43 years. Despite his tight schedule, Sensei Wellman dedicates countless hours to learning, teaching and practicing judo. His passion for the martial art is contagious. Many judokas have benefited from his mentorship and have made great achievements on and off the mat. The need for judo referees is immense. If you are in judo and no longer compete, officiating the sport is another way of giving back. So get involved. We will see you on the mat.


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