Independence Day Open Mat 2016

judo-practice-07042016-2White Dragon Judo Club hosted a judo open mat session on July 4, 2016. Judo open mat session are open to members of the club and non members. There is no mat fee just wear the proper judo uniform. The practice was led by Dan Raney. Sensei Raney demonstrated Uchimata. He showed different versions of the technique. Sensei Raney had our student practice practical drills that would improve their entry and execution of the technique. The session was concluded with tachiwaza and newaza randori. Are looking for a dojo? White Dragon Judo Club has a full roster of great instructors that will give you the proper direction in the martial art of Judo. There are many learning opportunities like this one. All it takes is a commitment to the martial art and most important, yourself. The monthly rates are affordable and you are never too old to start. Join the club. We will see you on the mat.

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