Judo Demonstration May 23, 2018

White Dragon Judo Club conducted a judo demonstration at World Martial Arts Academy in Hazelwood, Missouri on May 23, 2018. Sensei Derick Wellman, Demonn Smith, and Bryan Enlow gave a brief introduction to the martial art of judo. Sensei Wellman showed a number of techniques that everyone, young and old could learn. Sensei Wellman demonstrated kosotogari, seoinage, kouchigari and ended the demonstration with randori. The enlightened students had a lot of questions for the 4th dan and enjoyed learning from the group of judokas. Derick Wellman is a great instructor and ambassador of judo. You will get a good understanding of hard work, discipline and gain self confidence under his instruction. Interested? Don’t hesitate to stop by the dojo and begin your journey.

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