KitoKan Judo Club Open Workout 2016

Kitokan Open Workout 2016 (1)Kitokan Judo Club brought in the New Year right by hosting the first judo open workout of the year. The workout took place at the James J. Eagan Florissant Civic Center on January 3, 2016. Members of White Dragon Judo Club were in attendance with 7th dan Eiko Shepherd, head instructor of the club. Also in attendance were some notable judokas such as George Weers and Lee English. The workout consisted of a number of warm up exercise, Eiko style, nage komi drills, and randori. Sensei Shepherd strongly stressed the need to practice the basics of Judo. She stated the things you do in practice will translate to the tournament. The workout was followed by a wonderful feast. The year will be full of tournaments and open workouts within the state. This year is an Olympic year and it will be a memorable one.

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