Konjo Dojo Open Workout 2015

Konjo Dojo Open Workout 2015 IVMembers of White Dragon Judo Club attended the grand opening of the new Konjo Dojo on October 10, 2015. The Konjo Dojo is run by 7th dan Randy Pierce. The dojo is a very spacious facility located on a hill in Imperial, Missouri. The dojo is also equipped with locker rooms, dining area, and good wi fi reception. The judo club has yielded huge interest in the sport of judo. Crystal Pierce, Randy’s daughter, runs the junior class. The workout consist of brief instruction from Sensei Pierce and nonstop randori. After the workout, many people were able to see and ask about the Wall of Fame. This area consist of the numerous medals, trophies and awards that Sensei Pierce has recieved over the years. White Dragon Judo Club would like to congratulate Randy Pierce and the Konjo Dojo on their grand opening.

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