Nestor Figueroa Judo Seminar

Nestor Figueroa 2015Nestor Figueroa was the special guest instructor for Monday Night Judo on April 20, 2015. Sensei Figueroa was a former judo instructor at White Dragon Judo Club during its infancy. The native Peruvian was also the head judo instructor at the Sinchijudokan Institute in Saint Louis, Missouri. Sensei Figueroa has been studying judo for more than 50 years. Sensei Figueroa theme for Monday’s practice was BASICS. During the practice, Sensei Figueroa stated that today’s judo was getting away from the traditional Kodokan Judo that has been practiced for generations. He stated that most judokas are about winning and not concentrating on doing the techniques correctly to get to that point. During the practice, Sensei Figueroa helped fine tune and made all of our judo students aware of the little things that yield big results. Our judokas left this practice knowing that a quality practice is composed of working on the BASICS.

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