Promotion Day June 5, 2016

white-dragon-judo-promotion-day-june-5-2016-87White Dragon Judo Club conducted its first promotion day in quite some time. With Dan Raney, Demonn Smith and Andrew Lazarz presiding, newcomer Manareldeen Fajors was promoted to Blue belt on June 5, 2016. The Palo Alto, California native is a grappling dynamo. Manareldeen also competes in wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The youngster displays great athleticism, work ethic and discipline that is rare these days in a junior class judokas. Manareldeen recently took gold at the 2016 North South Judo Tournament. He was also awarded the Fighting Spirit Award for his awesome performance at this tournament. Since then the preteen continues to push himself to be a better version of himself. Manareldeen’s star potential is limitless.

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