Summer Friendship Tournament 2016

konjo-dojo-friendship-tournament-2016The Konjo Dojo Judo Club hosted the third Friendship Tournament of the year on July 16, 2016. 7th dan Randy Pierce was the tournament director for this event. This year the Friendship Tournament has set new records for competitor participation. Dojos from all over the state have sent students to this tournament. This tournament’s purpose is to help parents, junior and senior judokas learn about how a shiai tournament is conducted. Judokas young and old find out fast the purpose of all those drills and exercises they do in practice. Everybody WINS! Everybody gets a medal and everybody has fun. Interested? What are you waiting for? Get on the mat! There is plenty of room. Judo is a great exercise and you might gain a friend or two in the process. Contact us and checkout the website at

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