The Return of James Nash

Many judokas have come and left White Dragon Judo Club. It is always good to have a member come back and train again. Wednesday, December The Return of Jame Nash 20152nd’s judo practice witness the return of James Nash. Mr. Nash is a mainstay in White Dragon Judo history. He is one of many students under Sensei Derick Wellman. James is most known for being a mat technician, a true student of the martial art. He approach judo like a science and could explain the Olympic sport to point that even a three year old could understand. James was and still is one of the best junior level instructors. His technique was beautiful and flawless. The best judokas in the club have had nothing but respect for his judo IQ. James is now married to his lovely wife Debbie and they have a beautiful little girl who is three now. White Dragon Judo Club would like to congratulate James on his return and his service to judo.

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