Tohkon Classic XVII 2012

The 17th Annual Tohkon Classic took place on June 2, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. There were judo clubs from all over the midwest region represented at this tournament. Tom Kuhne and Derick Wellman coached an eager Team White Dragon to excellence. Derick Wellman and Tiffany Choi followed up their performance at the US Nationals with a gold medal in the kata division. In the junior division, Julia Greene fought through a large division to a third place finish. Tiffany Choi added a silver medal in shiai to her medal count for this tournament. Tae Young Choi, Adnan Gutic, and Eugene Hamilton displayed impressive skill during their matches but were unable to crack the medal podium. Anna Feygina once again reigned supreme in the woman’s lightweight division. She dominated the division with an excellent osoto-gari in the gold medal round.

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