12th Annual Red, White and Blue Judo Tournament

2014 Mountain Storm Martial ArtsThe 2014 Red, White, and Blue Judo Tournament took place on Saturday, November 15, 2014 at Saint Paul Parish School in Marion, Indiana. The tournament was officiated by Derick Wellman and Randy Pierce. Sensei Pierce is a national referee and Sensei Wellman is a regional judo referee. Throughout the year they travel the Midwest region assisting in the officiating of regional judo tournaments. You probably have seen them at judo tournaments such as the Gateway Invitational, America’s Cup and the North/South judo tournament. Shichidan Randy Pierce has been in judo for over 50 years. He has coordinated numerous referee, coaches and competition clinics. Sensei Derick Wellman is the owner of White Dragon Judo Club. He has been a regional referee for more than 10 years. Sensei Wellman runs the local referee program at White Dragon Judo Club. The need for more judo referees is significant these days. Many judo tournaments encounter this problem in the coming months of the event. Judokas who are no longer competing or don’t compete much should try their hand at officiating. Officiating judo will help the judoka understand the current rules of Olympic Judo. Understanding the rules will indirectly help with your techniques and give you a better understanding of the martial art. If you are interested in officiating judo tournaments don’t hesitate to contact Derick Wellman or Randy Pierce. There are numerous referee clinics conducted throughout the year across the country. So get involved and we will see you on the mat.

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