Trifecta Tourney 2014

2014 Dallas InvitationalThe three judo tournament weekend got underway at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas. The “D” Level tournaments of the 49th Annual Dallas Judo Invitational, President’s Cup and The National Military and Police Forces Judo Tournament took place on November 22-23, 2014. Andrew Lazarz took on the tough task of coaching Team White Dragon. The judo team had their work cut out for them as this was one the most competitive tournaments of the judo season. The competition was fierce and talented leaving little margin for error for Team White Dragon. In the Dallas Judo Invitational, Marissa Ardnt placed second in the female visually impaired category. Adnan Gutic followed up with his third consecutive Dallas gold in the visually impaired division. Anna Feygina had a tough day in this tournament and did not place. In the master’s division, Eugene Hamilton was very crafty and clever in a talented weight 2014 Armed Forces Championshipclass. Hamilton was patient and executed good technique on his way to being awarded a silver medal. In the President’s Cup, Marissa Ardnt collected her second silver of the weekend with a superb performance. Adnan Gutic battled hard in a deep weight pool. Gutic just missed the medal podium taking 5th place. Amber Jones won the bronze with a poised and determined showing. In the Armed Forces Championships, Anna Feygina got her second consecutive gold in her brief yet successful military career. The Army first lieutenant highlighted the championships with a beautiful harai goshi in the championship match.

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