2017 FUJI BJJ Missouri State Jiu-jitsu Championships

It is not unusual for judokas to cross train or compete in other martial arts. Olympic judo silver medalist2017 FUJI BJJ Missouri State Championships Jason Morris was an All American wrestler at Syracuse University before he achieved judo greatness. Judo Olympians Dr. Rhadi Ferguson and Travis Stevens are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts respectively. The 2017 FUJI BJJ Missouri State Jiu-Jitsu Championships got underway on February 18, 2017 at Saint Charles West High School in Saint Charles, Missouri. Manareldeen Fajor was the lone representative for Team White Dragon with Demonn Smith as coach. The young judoka displayed a masterful takedown game which was too much for his opponent. Despite a late rally in the gold medal match, Fajor stayed focused and won his second consecutive BJJ Missouri State Jiu jitsu championship in the lightweight gi division. Other judo notables who represented their BJJ dojos were Bobbie Jo Ridenhour who practices BJJ for Gracie Humaita Saint Louis (JW Wright). She won silver in her category. Dennis Williams is a blue belt in BJJ under Gracie Humaita Saint Louis. He currently cross trains in Judo under Demonn Smith. He dominated his weight class to win gold. Former visually impaired judo national champion Adnan Gutic trains in BJJ under Bryan Guidry at North Broadway Jiu jitsu. Adnan took on a talent heavy division and made it look easy on his way to a gold medal in his division.

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