2017 Kitokan Judo Tournament

Kitokan Judo Tournament 2017 (9)The Kitokan Judo Tournament got underway at the James J. Eagan Center in Florissant, Missouri on March 4, 2017. The tournament was officiated by Yondan Derick Wellman and the legendary 7th danĀ Randy Pierce. Demonn Smith, Jay Baker and Dan Dillon were the designated coaches for Team White Dragon. The junior division featured the Fajors clan of Manareldeen, Saba, and Dina Fajors. Dina Fajors continues to improve as she collected her second medal in short judo career. Saba Fajors displayed a dominant kumi kata game that her opponent had no answer to. The Warrior Princess was on the war path scoring gold in her category. Manareldeen Fajors collected his third consecutive gold medal with an outstanding morote seoinage in his semi final and gold medal matches. The senior bracket featured Sam Coln making his second appearance at this tournament. Kitokan Judo Tournament 2017 (42)Sam Coln took silver in very tough weight class. Taylor Brown scored bronze in her weight category. Phillip Vojta won silver going 4-1 on the day. Byron Helmrich had his work cut out for him in a talent rich bracket. He pulled out a silver medal. Josh Sisson won the gold in the lightweight division. Glenn Trotter got off to a meager start but finish strong with a gold medal in the middleweight class. Newcomer Derek Clardy scored his first gold medal going undefeated on the day. It was a busy day for the veteran Demonn Smith. He took bronze in his category. Adnan Gutic grinded through a tough veterans bracket to take another gold medal.

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