2017 Holiday Party

2017 WDJC Holiday Party (5)The Annual White Dragon Judo Club Holiday Party was on January 21, 2017. This event was a time for members to get to know each other off the mat. Members brought their families and lots of tasty food and beverages. This celebration was time for the White Dragon family to reflect on how wonderful 2016 was. The junior program made great strides in attendance, medals, and skill. The Friendship Tournament Series help build students confidence and enhance their overall skills. Juniors Cameron Duffield and Manareldeen Fajor dominated their weight classes. Parents were very impressed with quality instruction that their children were receiving.  The Adult program increased in membership and also witness the promotion of many deserving judokas. Notably Dan Raney and Anna Feygina were promoted to Nidan, 2nd degree black belt. Jay Baker, The Batman Bat Unur Erdenebayer and Philip Vojta had the most entertaining judo matches of the year. Adnan Gutic had an awesome year scoring gold medals in almost every judo tournament he competed in. Bryan Enlow and Ryan Morrow returned to the mat after a long hiatus and made significant contributions to the judo program. The Gateway Judo Tournament is going strong and is still the largest tournament in the state of Missouri. The judo club sent three members to the 2017 IJF World Veterans Judo Championships. Lastly, Sensei Derick Wellman continues to evolve and set the example in his judo journey. Sensei Derick became a National judo referee in October 2016. The year 2017 has the potential to be AWESOME year as this dojo continues to grow. White Dragon Judo Club would like to take the time to thank the parents, friends, and volunteers who take time out of their busy lives to help this dojo grow. There are so many activities that go on at this dojo. Don’t miss out. Check out the club’s website and two facebook pages. Happy 2017 from White Dragon Judo Club! We will see you on the mat.

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