2017 Wahadachi & WJI State Judo Championships

2017 Wadahachi WJI Judo Championships (6)The 2017 Wahadachi and WJI (Wisconsin) State Judo Championships took place at the Milwaukee Lutheran High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 29, 2017. Team White Dragon consisted of the Fajors trio of Manareldeen, Saba and Dina Fajors. In the junior novice division, Dina Fajors show significant progress against tough opposition. The rookie showed great resilience on the ground as she escaped a number of pins. Dina continued to be persistent earning a wazari in second match. Although she did not medal, the novice judoka is beginning to show a judo maturation unknown to judokas at her level. Saba Fajors went 3-1 on the day. The Warrior Princess took silver in an eventful gold medal match. Brother Manareldeen Fajors was the MVP of the tournament. The young judoka displayed a fast and accurate morote seoinage that made short work of his opposition. He steamrolled his way to his first Wisconsin State Judo Championship.

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