2017 Konjo Dojo Fall Judo Championships

Team White Dragon

The 2017 Konjo Dojo Fall Judo Championships took place at the Hillsboro Intermediate School in Hillboro, Missouri on September 9, 2017. The legendary Randy Pierce, the creator of this tournament series was the tournament director for this event. The Konjo Fall Championships was officiated by Randy Pierce, Bryan Enlow and Derick Wellman. Head coach David Burke led a young Team White Dragon against formidable opposition. Glenn Trotter took 1st in the veterans division. Adnan Gutic continued his reign of greatness winning first place in his weight class. Sam Coln fought some tough matches and showed significant improvement. Bryan Enlow returned to the mat and fought in the open weight category. Byron Helmrich broke out of his 1st place drought with a first place showing. Helmrich had the Throw of the Tournament executing a thunderous morote seoinage in the 1st place match. Phillip Vojta was the MVP of the Tournament. Vojta went undefeated on the day winning his division and the open category.

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