2017 USJA/USJF Summer Nationals

The 2017 USJA/USJF Grassroots Judo Summer Nationals took place at the Palm Beach 2017 USJA USJF Summer NationalsConvention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida on July 7-9, 2017. Sensei Derick Wellman and the legendary 7th dan Randy Pierce assisted in the officiating of this tournament. Sensei Derick Wellman became a National Judo referee in October 2016. Since then Derick has been seen officiating at most of the major USA Judo/USJA/USJF sanctioned tournaments. Throughout the years Sensei Wellman has studied and maintained a thorough knowledge of Olympic and Freestyle judo rules. This has aided him in teaching his instructors how to teach judo. Sensei Wellman has set a new standard of dedication to the martial art of judo.

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