Neil Adams Judo Clinic

2017 Neil Adams Judo Clinic (1)The Neil Adams Judo Clinic took place at the Wahadachi Judo Club in Milwakee, Wisconsin on July 22-23, 2017. Members of White Dragon Judo Club attended this 4 sessions, 2 day rare sold out event. Neil Adams is and has been the voice of international judo. The legendary 8th dan has an extensive judo resume. Adams is a 2 time Olympic silver medalist, world judo champion and a 5 time European Judo Champion. He has authored or co authored numerous books on judo and has coached all over the world. Currently he is the owner of Neil Adams Effective Fighting. During the judo sessions, Neil Adams explained the importance of proper uchikomi practice. He emphasized good technique. He showed throws like tai otoshi, kouchigari and ouchigari. Adams also talked about the importance of practicing newaza. The hachidan demonstrated the basics of juji gatame. It was a awesome experience to learn from one of the best judokas in the world.

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