Demonn Smith is promoted to the rank of Nidan

There were a number of promotions that took place in January. Notably, Demonn Smith wasDemonn Smith 40 promoted to Nidan January 9, 2013. Smith has trained under Derick Wellman for 11 years. He has been practicing Judo for 18 years. Demonn Smith brings a high level of dedication, desire, and motivation that has been very contagious at White Dragon Judo Club. His humble attitude and will to learn and practice diligently has contributed to his success in the sport of Judo. Smith placed 5th at the 2012 Grand Masters World Championships. He plans to appear at this year’s US Judo Nationals in Virginia Beach, Virginia. White Dragon Judo Club would like to extend its congratulations to Demonn Smith on achieving this milestone.

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