Gateway Judo Tournament 2014

Gateway Judo Tournament 2014 2The 4th annual Gateway Judo Tournament took place on October 11, 2014 at the Overland Community Center in Overland, Missouri. White Dragon Judo Club hosted this tournament. The competitor turnout had doubled from last year. Tournament director, Derick Wellman, made some suttle adjustments to make the tournament more efficient and enjoyable. Dan Dillon and Louis Paez were the official coaches for Team White Dragon. In the junior divisions, Korbin McNabb and Sean Butler took on heavy opposition and took silver. Devin Busch was relentless with his attacks and found a way to win. He took second place in his category. Jeric Gumahin took bronze in his division. Issac Valdez De Soto collected his second gold of the year with a splendid performance. Anthony Darevesky was the junior MVP of the tournament. He won gold in his category. This was his first gold medal of the year. In Senior womens division, Marissa Arndt dominated with her patented drop seoinage to win gold. In the Senior men category, Jay Baker shook off the mat rust and managed to win a bronze medal. Anthony Weeks persistence worked well for him to get a bronze. Eric Fink was awesome in his second appearance in shiai competition. He placed second in his division. Bat Unur “The Batman” Erdenebayar scored his second consecutive gold medal with some solid groundwork. In the Masters division, Eugene Hamilton won his second consecutive Gateway Masters gold with a beautiful harai goshi in the final. Adnan Gutic was the overall MVP of the tournament. He displayed great technique in this tournament, throwing two of his opponents with tomonage. Gutic went 8-1 on the day, taking gold at 81kg and silver in the open weight category.

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