Promotion Night December 8, 2014

There is Monday Night Football and at White Dragon Judo Club there is Monday Night Judo.20141208_204415 This Monday night was a special night. More than 20 judokas were on that mat to learn some practical judo techniques. This Monday’s class was ran by Eugene Hamilton. Hamilton showed some basic newaza techniques that would help even a beginner in the martial art. The class was also highlighted by Glen Trotter’s demonstration of sumi gaeshi. The judo club also witness the promotion of Lilly Coln to yellow belt. Lilly has been practicing judo for about 5 months now. Attending practice with her big brother Sam, judo did not come easy for the young judoka. Throughout these 5 months Lilly Coln has learned the true meaning of discipline and hard work. Although she has a long way to go, the young judoka is poised and ready for the journey. Hey are you ready for the journey? The classes are growing each week yet there is plenty of room. Your first class is free and you are guaranteed a good workout. So come on out and we’ll see you on the mat.

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