Promotion Night July 31, 2017

Promotion Night 07312017 (1)This month’s promotion night featured the best young judokas White Dragon Judo Club has to offer. Both judokas possess superior athleticism and an improved technical proficiency in the martial art. With 7th dan Randy Pierce and Derick Wellman presiding, Sam Coln was promoted to Sankyu (first degree brown belt) and Phillip Vojta was promoted to Nikkyu (second degree brown belt). Sam Coln started judo in 2014 with his sister. Sam Promotion Night 07312017 (7)showed a lot of tenacity and determination throughout his judo journey. It has helped him learn a lot of judo in a short period of time. Sam is one of White Dragon’s most fierce competitors. Making the commute from Rolla, Missouri, Phillip Vojta did not let distance keep him from reaching his goals. It was not unusual to see him practice after judo practice. His attitude has made him a formidable competitor to some of the best judokas in the country. Phillip will be attending Saint Louis University this year and will continue his study of judo at White Dragon Judo Club. There is no limit to the achievements that these two judokas can make in judo and in life.

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