USJF National Kata Conference 2017

2017 USJF National Kata Conference 2Members of White Dragon Judo Club attended the 2017 National Kata Conference on July 26-30, 2017. The event took place at the James J. Eagan Center in Florissant, Missouri. The conference, hosted by Eiko Shepherd and Kitokan Judo Club, attracted judo practitioners from all over the country. Judo kata or forms are pre arranged patterns that 2017 USJF National Kata Conferenceillustrate the basic principles of judo. The forms demonstrate the proper execution of a technique and emphasizes the philosophical views upon which judo is based. Derick Wellman has been practicing judo kata for over thirty years now. His strong attention to detail has helped him prosper in this area of the martial art. Sensei Derick has achieved local certification for Nage no kata. His team took 4th place at the 2011 US Judo National Championships and bronze at the 2012 US Judo National Championships. White Dragon Judo Club teaches kata to all of its judo practitioners. Judo kata is a beautiful display of what judo is all about.

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