Senior Promotions 2011

White Dragon Judo Club held their Senior Promotions session on November 29, 2011. This session featured Dan Raney, Rob Handshy and Shawn Greene. Rob Handshy has been studying judo for 15 months. He is a private class student of Sensei Demonn Smith. Rob is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, who originally started judo in order to improve his BJJ stand up game. Today, Rob’s abilities have improved ten fold in BJJ and Judo. Rob was promoted to Gokyu orange belt.

Shawn Greene bring extraordinary background to the sport of Judo. Fluent in Japanese, Shawn is also a black belt in Kenpo Karate. Shawn has worked diligently to improve his techniques in Judo. He is a good role model for the club’s junior students, especially for his daughter, standout junior judoka, Julia Greene. Shawn was also promoted to Gokyu orange belt.

Dan Raney has been practicing Judo for more than 25 years. He broke into the martial art after having a successful high school and collegiate wrestling career. Judo has been a national sport in Dan’s family. All of Dan’s children including his wife has practiced judo at one time or another. Dan is a prime example of preseverance and patience in the sport of Judo. He has dedicated a lot of time and service to the martial art. Dan is our newest black belt at the club. He was promoted to Shodan.

Judo has impacted these judoka’s lives on the mat and off the mat. These judokas are an asset to their families as well as our judo club. Congratulations to our senior class of 2011.

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