Tennessee State Judo Championships 2012

Tennessee State Judo Inc. and Colombia Judo Club hosted the Tennessee State Judo Championships on February 11, 2012. White Dragon Judo Club was in attendance with another talented team for this event. Dan Raney officiated the juniors, seniors and masters divisions and made his coaching debut. Adnan Gutic continues to be a force to be dealt with. Gutic dominated the largest division in the tournament. He went 4-1 on the day taking home a silver medal for his efforts. Demonn Smith competed in two divisions for this tournament. Smith steamrolled the competition in the masters heavyweight division. He displayed flawless technique on his way to a gold medal finish. In the senior heavyweight division, Smith’s bid for a gold medal sweep of the tournament was denied by Stanley Brooks of Dickson Athletic Club in the semifinal. The ALL DAY judoka won his last two matches by ippon to take the bronze medal in the division. Smith finish the day at 6-1.

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